Dry Arch Trip

Last week we went on a trip to the Dry Arch. When we got there Tania told us about how the Dry Arch is used by local people to grow fruit and vegetables. She then split us into three groups to complete three different activities.

One of the activities involved kneading dough to make bread. Some of us added tomato and cheese to our bread to make pizzas. We baked the bread in the fire oven. Afterwards we tasted our bread. It was yummy!

We also looked at all the vegetables growing at the Dry Arch. We saw sprouts, curly kale, rhubarb, beetroot, squash, carrots, onions and radishes. We also had a peek in the polytunnel to see what was growing there.

The final activity everyone enjoyed. Keith gave us lots of crates to pick up all the fallen apples. Altogether we filled up 23 crates. Each crate made 5 litres of apple juice. So we think we filled up enough crates to make 115 litres of apple juice! Keith told us that the process of picking up all the apples is called to as gleaning.

On the way back we took some eating apples, they were delicious!

We all had fun at the Dry Arch. We hope we can go again some time.

Class Two